Hex-Lok, Yellow, G1; 40000/Barrel Part # 12-1G1BU


Hex-Lok, Yellow, G1; 40000/Barrel 12-1G1BU

GB's exclusive Uni-Lok Universal Wire Connector is a versatile and cost effective connector designed to accept a wide range of wire combinations. Unlike other connectors made with a hard polypropylene shell these connectors feature a softer nylon shell designed for comfortable twisting and mini-wings to provide additional torque. The Uni-Lok features a long skirt to prevent exposure of bare wire while the zinc-plated square spring inside instantly adjusts to the shape and size of the wires upon insertion. Use for: Large appliances, Indoor lighting, Switches, Air conditioners

  • Universal design, handles majority of wire connection needs
  • Swept mini wings provide additional torque
  • Nylon housing makes for softer more comfortable twist-on application
  • Streamlined design for compact installations
  • Square wire spring grabs and holds wires for secure connections
  • Long skirt covers stripped wires
  • Rated at 600V max in building wire and at 1000V max in lighting, fixtures/luminaries and signs
  • Copper to copper connections only
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