#12-#10 AWG (5 mm²) Vinyl-Insulated Ring Terminals (8 to 10 Stud) Part # 15-106


#12-#10 AWG (5 mm²) Vinyl-Insulated Ring Terminals (8 to 10 Stud) 15-106

The Vinyl-insulated ring terminals mate, connect, or terminate a single wire. The ring shape of the terminal allows for connection to a screw or stud type electrical application. Our butted seam ring terminals are the most economical insulated terminal available. Vinyl-insulated ring terminals are commonly used in automotive and marine vehicles, but can be used in various other electrical applications.

  • Vinyl-insulated barrel is insulation sleeve is securely fastened with a butted seam.
  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire guage size.
  • 600-volt maximum rating as building wiring and 1,000-volt maximum rating for signs and fixtures.
  • UL listed. Temperature Rating: 167F (75C)
  • Secure, strong crimp-type design
  • UL and CSA safety listings
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