BigBen Hand Bender Head, 3/4" EMT /1/2" Rigid, Aluminum, 1pk Part # 961


BigBen Hand Bender Head, 3/4" EMT /1/2" Rigid, Aluminum, 1pk 961

Gardner Bender offers a complete range of solutions for bending conduit with the contractor in mind. Our benders have improved traditional hand benders by enlarging the hook, increasing the foot pedal size and clearance, highlighting the markings and incorporating a dual sight-line system for bending on the floor or in the air. Made of rugged, heat-treated aluminum and is backed by a warranty for peace of mind. Gardner Bender benders are available in the most common sizes to ensure you can find what you’re looking for. Trust the brand that put benders on the map and continue to set the standard in bending innovation.

  • Embossed sight lines for 10 deg, 22 deg, 30 deg, 45 deg, 60 deg and 90 deg
  • Industry-standard markings - 30 deg bend when handle is straight up
  • Bigger hook with a 5x durability factor
  • Bigger foot pedal - 40 percent larger
  • More foot room allows for a booted foot
  • Bend-back channel easily corrects conduit over-bends
  • Vise-Mate holds conduit while cutting or reaming
  • Fits handle BH-75
  • 4.74" Bend Radius
  • 3/4" EMG and 1/2" Rigid
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