Craftable Cable Ties

When average people see a cable tie as just an accessory to secure loose wires, you envision craft ideas like flowers, bracelets and much more. To help kick start your imagination, our "creative" Cable Ties provide endless project possibilities like our special line of novelty ties...perfect for any holiday or special event.

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Crafting Cable Ties
Novelty Ties

Make just about any holiday or special event more memorable with fun images that are available in a variety of themes.

Master Pack Quantity (10)

Make someones holly day jolly and bright with a christmas craft from these ties.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTX 8  

These Spooky cable ties are sure to make Halloween a treat.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTH 8  

Brighten up a bundle or whatever you can think up with fresh flower cable ties.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTF 6  

You are sure to win big with decorative sports ties.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTS 6  

Get hopped up on Easter with crafts with these festive ties.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTE 6  

4th of July
Celebrate freedom.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTJ 6  

You will great mileage crafting with these adorable cars and trucks ties.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTC 6  

The perfect pet or the the perfect crafting cable tie? We think both!
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTA 6  

Try a Dino designed cable tie with your next craft of Jurassic proportions.
Item # Per Bag  
CS-NTD 6  

Cable Ties
Crafting Cable Ties

Our cable ties are manufactured from the toughest of materials, pure virgin nylon 6/6. Harsh environment grade nylon is insoluble in common solvents, alkalis, dilute mineral acids, most organic acids and most petrochemicals. Operating temperature range is 100% capacity up to 65 deg C (149 deg F), 50% capacity from 65 deg C to 185 deg C (149 to 365 deg F). Available in an assortment of colors, lengths and quantities.

Master Pack Quantity (10)

4” Cable ties
Item # Per Bag Color
CS-204R 50 Red
CS-204PR 50 Purple
CS-204B 50 Blue
CS-204G 50 Green
CS-204P 50 Pink
CS-204FY 50 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-204FO 50 Fluorescent Orange
CS-204FP 50 Fluorescent Pink
CS-304R 100 Red
CS-304PR 100 Purple
CS-304B 100 Blue
CS-304G 100 Green
CS-304P 100 Pink
CS-304FY 100 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-304FO 100 Fluorescent Orange
CS-304FP 100 Fluorescent Pink

6” Cable ties
Item # Per Bag Color
CS-106R 25 Red
CS-106PR 25 Purple
CS-106B 25 Blue
CS-106G 25 Green
CS-106P 25 Pink
CS-106FY 25 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-106FO 25 Fluorescent Orange
CS-106FP 25 Fluorescent Pink
CS-304R 100 Red
CS-306PR 100 Purple
CS-306B 100 Blue
CS-306G 100 Green
CS-306P 100 Pink
CS-304FY 100 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-306FO 100 Fluorescent Orange
CS-306FP 100 Fluorescent Pink

8” Cable ties
Item # Per Bag Color
CS-108R 25 Red
CS-108PR 25 Purple
CS-108B 25 Blue
CS-108G 25 Green
CS-108P 25 Pink
CS-108FY 25 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-108FO 25 Fluorescent Orange
CS-108FP 25 Fluorescent Pink
CS-304R 100 Red
CS-304PR 100 Purple
CS-308B 100 Blue
CS-308G 100 Green
CS-308P 100 Pink
CS-308FY 100 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-308FO 100 Fluorescent Orange
CS-308FP 100 Fluorescent Pink

11” Cable ties
Item # Per Bag Color
CS-111R 25 Red
CS-111PR 25 Purple
CS-111B 25 Blue
CS-111G 25 Green
CS-111P 25 Pink
CS-111FY 25 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-111FO 25 Fluorescent Orange
CS-111FP 25 Fluorescent Pink
CS-311R 100 Red
CS-311PR 100 Purple
CS-311B 100 Blue
CS-311G 100 Green
CS-311P 100 Pink
CS-311FY 100 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-311FO 100 Fluorescent Orange
CS-311FP 100 Fluorescent Pink

14” Cable ties
Item # Per Bag Color
CS-114R 25 Red
CS-114PR 25 Purple
CS-114B 25 Blue
CS-114G 25 Green
CS-114P 25 Pink
CS-106FY 25 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-114FO 25 Fluorescent Orange
CS-114FP 25 Fluorescent Pink
CS-314R 100 Red
CS-314PR 100 Purple
CS-314B 100 Blue
CS-314G 100 Green
CS-314P 100 Pink
CS-314FY 100 Fluorescent Yellow
CS-314FO 100 Fluorescent Orange
CS-314FP 100 Fluorescent Pink

Flex Straps
Flex Ties

Easier than a twist tie, more versatile than a cable tie and more flexible than hook and loop fasteners. Add them to your craft kit for everyday fun. Wrap, stretch and decorate anything. Available in the following assortments of colors and quantities:

Master Pack Quantity (10)

12 Pack
Item #   Color
CS-204R   Red
CS-204PR   Pink
CS-204B   Purple
CS-204G   Blue
CS-204P   Neon Green
CS-204FY   Green

24 Pack
Item #   Color
CS-106R   Red
CS-106PR   Pink
CS-106B   Purple
CS-106G   Blue
CS-106P   Neon Green
CS-106FY   Green

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