NEW Introducing Eco-Ties
The FIRST cable tie on the market crafted from recycled material.
Eco-Ties, a new innovation from Gardner Bender, are engineered from 100% recycled nylon and are UL Environmental Agency approved, while still delivering the quality you expect with 50 pounds of tensile strength. Gardner Bender helped the mindful consumer with product created from environmentally responsible material and is perfect for any task. Bundle, wrap, fasten, and store everything from cords, cables and hoses to holiday decorations.

•   Recycled / Recyclable: Made from Post-Consumer
    recycled content, a minimum 85% of each cable tie is
    recycled content. Nylon, the biggest ingredient in
    cable tie resin, is 100% recycled material.
    When they’ve served their purpose, please recycle
     them. They’re a #7 Plastic.

•   Validated: The process and materials used to make
    the Eco-Ties have been reviewed and approved by
     UL Environmental Agency.

•   Durable: Engineered from Recycled Nylon 66, the
     ties will uphold in everyday household applications.

•   Reduce waste in landfills. Nylon could be in landfills
    for thousands of years before decomposing.

•   Reduce reliance on virgin nylon which is derived from
    non-renewable petroleum.

•   Increase free time. Reduce daily clutter, and keep
    items in storage neat and untangled.

•   Strong: Not only does this product help with the
     environment, it has a tensile strength of 50 pounds.
41-311R Eco Tie11" 15 per bag/10 per master
42-311R Eco Tie 11" 75 per bag/10 per master
41-308R Eco Tie 8" 15 per bag/10 per master
42-308R Eco Tie 8" 75 per bag/10 per master

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