Cable Ties

Gardner Bender™ offers a broad range of cable ties in a wide variety of materials, color, style and size options to meet your specific needs. A patented design and high quality construction make Gardner Bender™ ties a great solution for bundling wire, cable, hoses, ducts and in countless other applications. 

Both basic and patented DoubleLock designs available
Gardner Bender Xtreme Temp Cable ties are specifically designed to perform in harsh environment applications.
Heavy-duty design offers 120 and 175 lbs of tensile strength
A variety of beaded, hook and loop, releasable, Cable Wraptors and flexible straps
Cable Wraptors are engineered to meet your organizational needs
Mounting, ID, stainless steel and metal pawl cable ties
Mounting bases allow you to mount cable ties just about anywhere
Easily cut cable ties to the exactly the right length
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