Material Safety Data Sheets

Gardner Bender's MSDS are available to view and download here. Simply click on the link for the MSDS you'd like to see. A PDF will open in a new browser window. If you do not have a PDF reader, a free version is available from Adobe Reader.

PDF Brush On Electrical Tape MSDS

PDF Carbon Dioxide MSDS

PDF Contact Switch Cleaner MSDS

PDF Duct Seal Tech_MSDS


PDF GB Ox-Gard Certification

Duct Seal Compound 
PDF DS-130

PDF DS-530

GB SDS Poly Gel™ Wire Pulling Lubricant
PDF 79-201

PDF 79-202

PDF 79-203


GB SDS Super Slick™ Cable Pulling Lubricant
PDF 79-401

PDF 79-402

PDF 79-403


GB SDS All Season Wire Pulling Lubricant Poly Gel™
PDF 79-301


GB SDS Wire-Aide™ Wire Pulling Lubricant
PDF 79-002

PDF 79-003

PDF 79-006

PDF 79-006N


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