Introducing Gardner Bender’s NEW WiFi Inspection Camera!

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The new WiFi Camera Inspection Camera

Unveiling the new WiFi-enabled electrician’s inspection camera. This camera broadcasts live in-color video of your inspection directly to your Android or iOS enabled device to view. You’ll also have the ablilty to record that video or capture still images to review later or share via email.

The Gardner BenderWiFi inspection Camera is ideal for easing common household electrical projects, such as:
• Installing new fixtures/outlets: Inspect and guide fishing/snaking of wires through floor joists,
   studs, plumbing, HVAC and other obstructions.
• Adding cable/home theater/network router: Quickly identify where to route wires in a wall’s ceiling header or floor plate.
• Running new circuit: Avoid obstacles when pulling a new circuit through an existing chase, or
   identifying which conduit run is most viable for a project.
• Tracing power source: Before updating a switch or outlet, examine the source and condition of the power supply.
   (In older homes, power could be delivered via metal-sheathed wire/armored electrical cable, or BX; nonmetallic
   sheathed/rubber jacketed cable (Romex®); or ceramic knob-and-tube.)
• Overloaded circuits: Troubleshoot a home's wiring to ensure that a circuit's power drain/load is balanced, and/or
   examine the condition of the wire insulation to see if it's dried out/fraying and in need of replacement.

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