100 Yellow 4-Port PushGard Push-in Wire Connector Parte # 10-PC4


100 Yellow 4-Port PushGard Push-in Wire Connector 10-PC4

Gardner Bender Wire Connectors are engineered to exceed the expectations of professional electricians. Perfect for commercial or residential applications GB Wire Connectors offer world-class quality, performance, and application versatility. Our connecotors provide mazimum application flexibility by offereing contractors and do it yourselfers myraid packaging options, erogonomic designs and wire ranges. Easy and fast to use, just strip and push conductors into PushGard connectors to make reliable, secure connections.

  • Fits #22 - #12 AWG Wire
  • Simplified insertion and compact size helps in tight locations
  • Clear polycarbonate housing have color-coded side panels for connection verification and identification
  • Wire corrosion-resistant stainless steel springs, PushGard connectors restrict wire pullout, yet corrections are possible with a simple left-right twist and pull
  • Continuity test point for easy voltage checks
Standard 1 year
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