Tap Splice Assortment, 22-10 AWG (5 mm²) Parte # 15-2210


Tap Splice Assortment, 22-10 AWG (5 mm²) 15-2210

Tap splices instantly secure connections without stripping the wires. Commonly used in low-voltage applications such as a vehicle's wiring and when you want to connect a new wire to an existing wire without soldering. Simply insert one wire into each end and crimp. Connection is secure and stable. Tap splices are not weather resistant, and they should not be used where exposed to the elements.

  • Rated at 600 Volt Maximum
  • Industry standard color-coding indicates wire guage size.
  • Temp rating 221 degrees Fahrenheit (105 Celsius)
  • 10 pieces per unit
Standard 1 Year
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