Plastic Kwik Clip Parte # GKK-1538


Plastic Kwik Clip GKK-1538

These plastic Kwik Clips are specially designed clips that are great for mounting bundles, cables, cords, tools, etc. to drywall, wood and painted surfaces. They feature a ratcheting and releasable function that allows adjustment to a range of bundle diameters, and also contain a self-adhesive back with the capability to hold firmly to a number of surfaces. This design construction provides the Kwik Clips with additional strength and long lasting durability.

  • Adhesive base requiring minimal effort to mount.
  • Holds 3/8" Cable
  • 6 per card
  • Clean and dry all surfaces before mounting adhesive Kwik Clips.
  • Ratcheting design
  • Releasable
  • Adhesive backing
  • Package of 6
Standard 1 Year
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