Fish Ease Fish Sticks Pièce numéro FTX-12L


Fish Ease Fish Sticks FTX-12L

Fish Sticks make it easier to install wire through walls, above ceilings, or underneath carpet - anywhere you might encounter obstacles that would cause a standard fish tape to "fold" under pressure. Each three foot rod features an interlocking end allowing you to connect them together to achieve the length needed for the job. Package also includes two changeable end attachments - a bullet nose to guide the stick smoothly on the way towards the end of the run and a hook attachment for pulling or pushing the wire through the run.

  • 1/4" diameter ensures rigidity when extended
  • 2 different threading tips provided for a variety of applications
  • This package includes 4 durable rods to provide a stick extension of up to 12 feet in length.
  • Weighs 1 lb
  • Interlocking sticks extend up to 12' in length
One Year
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