Outils à main

Outils à main font partie de chaque boîte à outils. Avec des caractéristiques exclusives pour la sécurité, de durabilité, de fiabilité et de la force de vie, outils à main Gardner Bender™ offrent une performance supérieure sur tous les emplois. 

New wrenches to fit the majority of UL locknuts - a thin profile makes normally tight spaces accessible
This patented line of tools with Snap-in sensor detects AC voltage without contacting live wires
Strippers for solid, stranded UTP, STP and coax wire
Full line of coax, terminal and modular crimpers
Long nose design for forming and looping wire and handling small parts
Cutters for copper, aluminum, BX cable and PVC
Slits outer covering of all sizes of cable.
Create a permanent, water tight sealed connection
Screwdrivers with insulated handles and reversible tips that combines two tools into one
These tools clean and rethreads holes and are made of top-grade steel
Lightweight, economical fuse pullers
Two-in-one tools that have sharpened blade for skinning wire and screwdriver tip for screws
Inserts and cuts cable in termination blocks
Heavy-duty stainless steel construction with a safety handle
Heat shrink electrical tubing and terminals in splicing wire connections
Easily cut cable ties to the exactly the right length
A variety of solutions to make wire fishing easier and safer
Professional grade tools with stainless steel construction and over molded ergonomic handles
High quality linesmans pliers are available with extra features such as crimping tools and fish tape pullers
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