Fabrication de trou

de pièces uniques de kits complets, Gardner Bender™ a polyvalents, durables trou-fabrication de produits qui dépendent des entrepreneurs. Si vous avez besoin knock-out, poinçon, encocher, percer ou isoler, Gardner Bender™ a le bon outil pour le travail.

Smooth operating hand ratchets, bearing and drive screws all packaged in a rugged storage case
Punches holes in distribution boxes, electrical panels or troughs
Sets, punches, dies, draw studs and step bits
Exclusive three-knife design splits slug into three pieces
Clean, burr-free bolt and small conduit holes in steel plates, beams, railings, bus bars and angle irons
Turn your ordinary everyday cordless drill into a powerful knockout driver
Notching pliers create clean notches for making keyways for push button switches
Durable metal storage cases with handles
Protection for cable runs through increasingly popular metal studs
Protect wires from chafing against drilled holes
Metal knockout seals are fast and easy to install from inside or outside of box
Convenient snap-in seals feature quick installation and are zinc-plated to resist corrosion
High-leverage design permits punching holes in aluminum studs and mild steel with minimum effort
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