NEW Introducing Cable Management Clips
Announcing a new way to organize, utilizing cable management clips.
The average adult uses four or more electronic devices between home and work on a daily basis. With a self- adhesive back and easy to open clips, this is a simple, affordable, and stress free way to manage any cord or cable concern. Add this Gardner Bender assortment for a great impulse buy to drive exponential sales.

•   Organize: Keep any area in your office or home neat and orderly
    with these plastic wire clips.

•   Ease of Use: Insert cord (s) into Cable Clip. Pell the backer off the
    adhesive side on the Cable Clip. Place on surface, and begin organizing.

•   Merchandise: Cable Clips come in compact size bags, and take up
    minimal space. Clips can be presented with a peg or cut case.

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GCC-001 032076921002 Small Cable Clips 3 Pack
GCC-003 032076921064 Medium Cable Clips 3 Pack
GCC-006 032076921088 Large Cable Clips 3 Pack
GCC-AST 032076921101 Multi Pack Cable Clips 6 Pack
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