NEW Long Nose Wire Strippers
Wire Strippers
Multi-function design is six tools in one!
Grip, Strip, Crimp, Cut, Form/Loop, and Bolt Cutting all in one. Designed with the electrician in mind, we combined the features of a wire stripper and long nose pliers in this unique tool.

The long nose function is great for extended reach, grabbing and looping wire. The straight handle stripper can strip and cut 10-22 AWG stranded and 8-20 AWG solid wire. The curved handle stripper can strip and cut 12-20 AWG stranded and 10-18 AWG solid wire.

Wire Strippers Crimpers
Wire cutting and stripping station – stranded and solid wire Crimps insulated and non-insulated connectors

Both tools also have the capabilities to cut 6-32 and 8-32 bolts, and crimp insulated and non-insulated connectors. Choose between curved or straight handle options, and stop carrying extra tools around with you today!

•  Straight and curved serrated jaws for maximum gripping.
•  Longnose design for forming and looping wires
•  Comfortable, high-leverage handle design.

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GBP-60N 032076937225 ArmorEDGE Long Nose
Wire Stripper Curved Handle
Stranded 12-20 AWG/
Solid 10-18 AWG
1 5 Clams
GBP-61N 032076937232 ArmorEDGE Long Nose
Wire Stripper Straight Handle
Stranded 10-22 AWG/
Solid 8-20 AWG
1 5 Clams

Straight Handle Tool
Curved Handle Tool
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