Gardner bender Celebrating 60 years of Innovation!

Celebrating 60+ Years

Gardner Bender has been innovating and manufacturing conduit bending and conduit fishing equipment, electrical connection supplies, tools and wire management products for electricians for over half a century.

Founded in 1959
Inventor James Gardner borrowed $1500 from his father-in-law to produce his first mold to begin manufacturing his patented aluminum conduit benders that contained double-levels to tell electricians they had a 45 or 90 degree angle of bend. Fueled from this success, innovation was born, and by 1969 he redesigned and patented an improved fish tape for pulling wires through conduit.

By 1975 Gardner Bender was producing 13 different types of hand benders, three different types of fish tapes, an assortment of wire connectors and other items needed by electricians.

Gardner Bender's History
Complete product solutions

Complete Solutions
From those humble beginnings, Gardner Bender has continued to lead the way alongside its sister brands Sperry Instruments, Calterm, Bergen Industries and King Innovation to provide over 3000 products in 14 distinct product categories that install, connect, fasten, test and troubleshoot electrical wire and circuits. From large wire pulling equipment and hydraulic powered conduit benders to wire connectors, heat shrink, cable ties, hand tools, lighting and instruments, Gardner Bender provides complete solutions for any size electrical installation and maintenance project.

Well-Known Award-Winning Innovation
Gardner Bender products are now stocked on over 1.0 million square feet of shelf space at more than 15,000 locations throughout the Americas, including leading electrical, industrial and catalog distributors, as well as leading home centers, hardware stores and online retailers. To these customers, Gardner Bender is known for award-winning innovation, operational excellence, category analytics and leading merchandising support. Gardner Bender has been recognized multiple times as "Supplier of the Year."

Focusing on the Future
Gardner Bender continues its mission of innovation and quality to produce new and improved products that exceed the ever-changing needs and technological requirements for the electrician.

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