GB's Innovative Power Fishing System

Posted on: 6/16/2014 11:30:00 AM

Gardner Bender's own Dan Smelter is featured in this month's edition of Electrical Contractor magazine as he provides some insight into our innovative power fishing system. Here's what he had to say:

Dan Smelter, senior product manager, Gardner Bender, said that two-speed power cable pullers have become increasingly popular because one machine can provide both high and low pulling-load capabilities.

“Gardner Bender offers an 8,000-pound puller with 25 pulling configurations and a 10,000-pound model, providing exceptional mobility and rapid setup and teardown,” Smelter said. “All our cable pullers have a non-reversing planetary gear motor for smooth, consistent pulling. "

“Power fishing systems are used to blow the initial pull line and/or conduit measuring tape via a line carrier through the raceway with forced air. Conventional systems are based on 115V [volt] blower/vacuum systems. We offer an innovative power fishing system powered by carbon dioxide, which can be operated when electrical power is not available,” Smelter said.

excerpt from "Cool Tools: Cable Pullers" published in Electrical Contractor Magazine, June 2014