UpperHand™ Fishtapes

New Design Upperhand fish tape

Introducing the redesigned UpperHand™

Gardner Bender has redesigned the UpperHand™ line of fish tapes to make wire fishing easier and safer. With tape lengths from 100' to 250' and a choice of steel or nylon tape, the UpperHand™ product line offers solutions for every hand-pulling application.

New Design Upperhand fish tape


  • Updated Ergonomic shape provides unparalled ease-of-use and carrying
  • Wrist-saver handle when the job is done, carry the fishtape off the job site with ease.

Steel Tape

Corrosion Resistant Steel Tapes:

  • The toughest, most durable tape for long-lasting use.
  • Made from tried and true corrosion resistant carbon steel.
  • Comes in 125' and 250' tape lengths.

Fiber glass Tape

Non-conductive Fiberglass Tape:

  • Patented non-conductive tip and unique flat shape is easier to feed yet able to pull up to 500 lbs while preventing hang up in the conduit.
  • Light weight at just 1/10 the weight of traditional models makes this tape very portable.

Tougher than the competition!

UpperHand's™ improved design leads the industry by withstanding 25' drop tests without breaking.

Drop Test Results:

Drop test results chart
Item # UPC Description Size Qty / Clam Qty. Master
FTN-100R 032076057893 Non-Conductive UpperHand™ Fishtape 100' x 1/8" x .060" 1 2
FTS-125R 032076056100 UpperHand™ Steel Fishtape 125' x 1/8" x .060" 1 2
FTS-250R 032076056124 UpperHand™ Steel Fishtape 250' x 1/8" x .060" 1 2
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