Electrical Management Value Kits

Value Kits

NEW Gardner Bender essential value packs.

Provide your customers with a convenient assortment to ensure they have any electrical project covered. Reduce the amount of time shopping for each specific item and having them leave without everything they need. Provide your guests with a great value, and utilize opportunities to drive additional sales merchandising in unique locations.

  • Save Money: Up to a 33% of regular retail value.
  • Time Saver: All items are in a quick, Grab and Go container, no need to search the store.
  • Convenience At Home: Have all the essentials of an electrical project in one.
Item UPC Descrip. Yellow Wire Conctr. Red Wire Conctr. 1/2" NM Plastic Staples 8" Cable Ties 6" Cable Ties Roll Black Elec. Tape Elec. Tester Wire Stripper Cable Ripper
      Yellow Red staple cable ties cable ties Electrical Tape Tester Stripper Ripper
EVK-002 32076920494 Value kit
102 Piece
25 25 50 1 1
EVK-003 32076921026 Value kit
304 Piece
25 25 50 100 100 1 1 1 1

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