What’s New at Gardner Bender

Since 1959, Gardner Bender has been a pioneering force in the electrical industry. Our innovations set the industry standards and exceed professionals’ expectations for optimal product safety, ergonomics, functionality and durability. Here, you’ll find a few of the latest product innovations introduced by Gardner Bender.

30 Jun 2014

NEW Beadle™ Wraps

Beadle™ Wraps, an innovation from Gardner Bender, can simplify your life and save you money. Easier than a twist tie, more versatile than a cable tie and stronger than hook & loop fasteners.

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29 Jun 2013

New Repair Tape

Repair Tape, another innovation from Gardner Bender, can save the day during emergency repairs. Easier than heat-shrink, cleaner than plumbers' putty, and more flexible than a vice grip, Repair Tape is a household necessity.

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27 Jun 2013

Slug-Out Knockout Driver

Enhance the tool you own with Gardner Bender®'s new Slug-Out™ Knockout Driver. Turn your ordinary everyday cordless drill into a powerful knockout driver.

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